Cutting-edge clients

We slice through challenges for some of the most recognisable brands in the world; providing sharp, insightful research.

Brands we’ve helped cut-through

We’ve given our clients some truly compelling learnings about themselves, their markets and, of course, their customers. And they’ve used that knowledge to dramatically improve their results.

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We’re proud to have had the name ‘Razor’ on the BBC’s coveted roster for eight years now. For three years, we ran a series of ‘meet the audience’ sessions for their radio networks. We’ve also worked on future media, TV content, and channel positioning, the future of podcasts, and explored how children are using TV and apps. 

Walt Disney

The long and successful Disney/Razor partnership has spanned everything from pilot development and programme testing to retail and merchandising strategy. We love contributing to the innovation, energy, enthusiasm, and magic Disney brings to every brief. And with several self-confessed Disney fans in our midst, it’s a personal pleasure to get close to franchises we know and love.


In a Boots near you there might just be some Razors standing in the aisles talking about cosmetics, skincare, haircare or bathing products. Travel further afield, and you’ll find us in the US, now that Boots is part of the Walgreens Boots Alliance. It’s been great researching new product development, consumer understanding, positioning research, advertising, communications and more – though our Advantage Cards have taken a battering.


Who doesn’t like working with innovative technology? Especially as Panasonic apply their ‘a better life, a better world’ strapline to the way they work with their agencies. UK, France, and Germany scoping research on their kitchen appliances led to some innovative new ideas – which we loved exploring in more depth. And our most recent project involved testing a new electrical beauty prototype. You can imagine the fight to work on that one…


We’ve loved helping this fun, modern, fast-moving brand grow over the past three years. We’ve supported them as they’ve developed a new TV campaign, fine-tuned their product offer, and hosted a consumer closeness event with their most loyal customers. Now, we’re exploring what the youth of today really think about their brand, and it’s a lot more than you could fit on one card.


We’re still pinching ourselves to be working with such a well-known and hugely successfully global brand. So far, Coca-Cola has used Razor thinking to evaluate brand perceptions among teens and young adults across four European countries, explore packaging designs, and to add fizz to a retail strategy for small-basket shops.


We have a close relationship with AIMIA, the company that owns and runs the Nectar loyalty programme. It’s such an interesting area. And our rich qualitative discussion points have added real value to their comprehensive database analysis, through in (and outside) store research, intercepts, ASTs, in-home ethnographies, and more.

General Mills

It’s difficult to not love working with General Mills. Especially when it means devouring products like Old El Paso, Nature Valley, and Haagen Dazs. Our innovation work has been tailored to each brand’s unique approach to business. We’ve run Mexican pop-up supper clubs, special client and consumer cook-and-eat sessions, and ‘girls’ night in’ events for their wider teams across several countries.

Cereal Partners

A client that certainly gives us a spring in our step in the morning. We recently helped senior decision makers at Cereal Partners get up-close and personal with consumers trying out their innovations for the first time. Aside from delivering those on-the-spot insights, we also arranged consumer connection programmes that took their leadership team under the skin of why shoppers go to discounters more frequently. 


With so many of the world’s leading drinks in their portfolio, we’re honoured to be working with Diageo. Over several years now, we’ve helped them drive new Global initiatives; mixing up research methods so they’re perfect for the task in hand.


We get an enormous sense of satisfaction talking about home improvements with consumers when helping Homebase hone and craft their category strategy. It’s only bettered by seeing the results of our research make such a big difference in stores.


It might sound cheesy (sorry), but Arla’s projects make our mouths water. Our NPD research, in particular, has shaped their dairy strategy over the last few years and kept them one step ahead of the game.


Probably the best client in the world? Whether it’s On or Off trade, the beer market’s always an exciting and evolving place to be. Just as Carlsberg is an exciting and iconic brand.

First Shave: research for entrepreneurs

We think every brand should have the chance to hear from consumers.  We think consumer insight should be integral to helping businesses shape their products and services to meet their customers’ needs – there is a time in every brand’s life when hearing from mates and mums just isn’t enough.  But research ain’t cheap and we recognise that start-up brands and entrepreneurs might not really know the value of research or just simply don’t have the money to pay for it (we gather that launching is actually quite expensive.  Who knew?).

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