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RIP Coach Taylor.

RIP Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose.

RIP Friday Night Lights.

I started watching the first of five series of Friday Night Lights about 6 years ago and I’ve been eking them out ever since.  If someone had done a focus group of one with me (which I realise is in fact a depth interview) I’d’ve said what I wanted from the best ever drama series would be America, some trucks and blokes drinking bottles of beer the way that only they drink bottles of beer, high school kids, not so much of the singing, almost no dancing, team sports and ergo changing rooms.  I might not have got quite as far as requesting a Coach Taylor or a Tami Taylor or a Gracie-Belle Taylor but if you’d paid me a little extra incentive I might have done…

I started watching FNL when I still owned a DVD player and I finished it streaming from Amazon Prime on my telephone. There’s progress for you.  I started it weeping and to be honest, I finished it weeping too.

It tugged at my heartstrings and coincidentally, so does BBC Three’s American High School: Straight Outta Orangeburg.  Very different shows with some similar issues.  Neither one, probably, very real. 

I’ve loved Friday Night Lights.  Soap without suds.  Dudes and no duds.

I’ll miss you Buddy Garrity, Jason,  Landry, Tyra, Lyla, Matt Saracen,  Julie, Smash Williams, Mindy,  and all the dozens of others.  I’ll miss you Tim Riggins.  

Goodbye Dillon, Texas.  Forever.