Why we’re so sharp

The philosophies that guide why we do what we do

Four points of difference

Working with Razor gives you an edge by pinpointing the needs of your target audience more effectively to drive growth to your brands.


Sharper thinking

We take time to properly understand the brief. But we do more than that. We bring our knowledge of related categories to shape the approach and drive a more commercial project outcome. Sharper thinking is our DNA.


Sharper methods

We carefully craft our responses to each brief. We don’t over-complicate, we don’t suggest expensive approaches for the sake of it, and we’re always looking for ways to make our methods just that little bit more creative.


Sharper insights

We work in an industry obsessed with interrogating the question, ‘what is an insight?’. We reckon we’re jolly good at sniffing them out and making sure they’re truly relevant to the business.


Sharper results

Of course we set out to bring all our insights to life. Who doesn’t? We pride ourselves on Razor-sharp clarity and concision so that our work really lands in the business.

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