Cannes Lions 2018

There’s always so much to take in during the International Festival of Creativity that I find it overwhelming. Not only because I spend the week trying to keep up with the entries, winner, speakers (and performers!); but, as a former media planner, my social media timelines are always full of friends and former colleagues living it up in the south of France. (That’s right; I didn’t go. And I’m not at all jealous.)

Aside from all the glitz and glamour synonymous with Cannes, I was most curious about the kind of subjects that global advertisers addressed in the past year. There’s not exactly been a shortage of sensitive topics to choose from the world’s current affairs stage.

They didn’t disappoint either. Here’s just a small handful of the standout campaigns; ranging from punch the air with delight to harrowing:

Period taboos
Blood Normal by Bodyform/Essity/Libresse (UK)

Palau Pledge by Palau Legacy Project (Australia)


Trash Isles by LADbible and Plastic Oceans Foundation (UK)

Racial bias
The Talk by Procter & Gamble (USA)

Armed conflict
Hope by International Committee of the Red Cross (Spain)

To see all the 2018 winners, visit the Cannes Lions website.

Note: Look out for #JamesRazor’s follow-up blog next week. He’ll be talking about creativity in business.