January 2020

Sharper thinking is a big deal to us. And so is industry training and learning.
Starting now, we’d like to share our thoughts on all sessions we attend.
Because learning matters.  


January 2020: AQR’s Models of Thinking

A full-day session designed to help researchers avoid getting stuck in repetitive ways of thinking and to help tackle client briefs in different ways.


Topics covered:

  • Mindframes by Caroline Hayter and Sarah Jay (Acacia Avenue)
  • Brand models by Judy Taylor (Consult JMT)
  • Communications by Laura Gillespie (Kokoro)

Razor feedback:

An enlightening course that’s changed the way I think when it comes to tackling briefs and report writing. I’m looking forward to: playing around with these various frameworks and models to help create a clear and compelling story for our clients, and to using the Pyramid Principles when I next write a debrief.
(Kate Stratton)

‘The session contents linked to a number of projects I’m currently working on. It provoked thoughts and new ideas for how I could approach different business challenges. I found the section on brand models and frameworks particularly interesting and am looking forward to using these methods in some upcoming analysis. Overall, the course challenged and encouraged me to think about how I could develop models within my own research to enhance understanding and to provide more strategic recommendations to clients.’
(Lindsay Bell)

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