We've met our Waterloo...with Waterloo


After nearly 7 years housed in the grubby but getting better bit of Waterloo Road – we’re off!

Our decision to move has been protracted but was rapidly accelerated by a need for a space with um, more space, more flexibility and more Itsu’s.

And then we met WeWork. If you haven’t cruised past one of their 12 London (and many more worldwide spaces) yet then you will soon. Lofty exposed ceilings? Tick. Funky art and beer on tap? Tick. Office dogs? Tick. Hoards of hipsters on Macs plotting the next tech revolution? Double Tick.

What we love already about our personal slice of WeWork space is all of the above and more. It heralds our shift into being more focused on what’s going on outside of research than what’s in it. We want to take the company’s lead by collaborating with other WeWork members and finding newer, cleverer ways of doing what we do. If we need instance videographers, we can find them. If we need to find an App developer, there they are. If we reach out to those new challenger brands and work with them, they’re right where we are.

It’s time Razor had an office as grown up as we are. This is a grown up space full of grown up people. Grown ups who are entrepreneurial, collaborative, nimble and clever. That’s us.

Come and visit us…and if you don’t fancy taking part in Wednesday Yoga or Thursday Lunch and Learns…at least have a go on the swanky coffee machine.

Our new address is:

Razor Research

WeWork Waterhouse Square

3 Waterhouse Square

138 Holborn