April 2020

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Part two of our special lockdown series…

Chloë B
Much like the rest of the world, I’ve been watching loads more TV and, this month, I’ve been LOVING BBC dramas. My TV default is to go straight to Netflix or Prime, so I don’t usually watch much BBC. But they’ve really outdone themselves. My personal favourites have been The Split, The Nest, and I’m currently binging Normal People. SO GOOD!

Chloë F
My mood’s shifted a bit since I last wrote about what I’m into… I’ve headed back towards drama. That said, an hour still feels kinda long. That might be why I am (have been) hooked on two BBC drama series. Trigonometry is a snappily written, beautifully casted drama about a thrupple (less kinky than it sounds) and Normal People is the TV adaptation of the novel. Genius decision to craft 12 x 30 minute episodes – I’m three in so far. For additional heft, and to prove that I do have some attention span left, I’m also reading Hilary Mantel’s latest tome, The Mirror and the Light. I’ll report back on that in two years when I’ve finished it.

In the alternate timeline, I’d still be going to the theatre at least once a week, maybe to some immersive experiences and the odd podcast recording. In reality, I’m very grateful for how many online events/talks/webinars there are to pick and choose from (thank you, Salon London, and How To Academy, to name a couple). I’m also extra grateful for the weekly opportunities we’re being given to watch theatre shows most of us wouldn’t have had a chance to see on stage (all definitely worth an (optional) online charity donation). From The Shows Must Go On! by Andrew Lloyd Webber to the National Theatre’s weekly screenings and everything else in between. As soon as lockdown began, a very clever brain (not me) created a regularly updated spreadsheet to keep track of everything, and my friends and family overseas have joined the viewing party too! Frankenstein’s premiering tonight and I’m very excited to watch it for the first time. (Note to Kate and Chloe F: I forgot to mention to you that NT will release Consent soon. And I’m fairly sure it’ll be the one with Ben Chaplin in the cast – YAY!)   

Jill (our sustainability tsar)
This month I’ve been all about minimising food waste and cooking more creatively. Before lockdown, I was guilty of takeaways and buying more when I had a fridge-full. And of throwing away sad looking bags of salad – but no more! Sad salad goes into frittata, unfortunate vegetables in the roasting tin, and leftovers into the freezer or lunches. I forgot about some mushrooms last week and was pretty cross that I’d let them go mouldy and to waste. I must keep this going once we’re allowed back outside…

This month I’ve loved doing Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga. She does half hour sessions which are perfect for when you need a pause from work (instead of having ANOTHER tea/biscuit break). And you can find her classes on YouTube. They’re really great if you’re like me and have taken up yoga for the first time since being in lockdown – she isn’t intimidating at all. Luckily, I’ve committed to doing a class every day over Zoom with a friend which has forced me to stick to it and, 16 days in, I can genuinely say l feel stronger.

Many months ago, I deleted the Instagram app because I felt it was too distracting. However, when lockdown started I heard about all the live classes and content that influencers were uploading so thought I’d check it out. From strength training routines, to yoga classes, and even an hour-long kitchen rave with Gok Wan’s Isolation Nation, I’ve found great joy in using the app once again. While I definitely spend too much time scrolling through it, at the moment I have that time and it’s helping me feel more connected with other humans and motivated to stay active. It’s also good to know that most are asking for charity donations for following the classes; so by keeping active we can also give back. It’ll be interesting to see how my use of Instagram will change once the lockdown restrictions lift. But, for now, I am glad I re-installed it.


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