First Shave: research for entrepreneurs

We think every brand should have the chance to hear from consumers.  We think consumer insight should be integral to helping businesses shape their products and services to meet their customer’s needs and that there is a time in every brand’s life when hearing from mates and mums just isn’t enough.  But research ain’t cheap and we recognise that start-up brands and entrepreneurs might not really know the value of research or just simply don’t have the money to pay for it (we gather that launching is actually quite expensive.  Who knew?)

We wanted to find a way to help start up brands have their very own ‘first shave’ (see what we did there) with qualitative research and consumer insight.

First Shave has been our answer to this conundrum and we’re incredibly proud to have helped dozens of entrepreneurial, challenger brands over the last 9 years.

Our method differs for each person or company that gets in touch.  We run workshops, we run ‘short and sharp’ groups, we talk to people online.

We also often use a First Shave project as an opportunity for our less experienced researchers to have their own opportunity to work directly with a client, own that relationship and that project from start to finish.  We’re very aware that the ‘top market chat’ often happens between senior researchers and clients but that’s no way to learn how to do it yourself…by being given the responsibility to own and run a project, our team learn to think for themselves and answer a client’s objectives in the same breath.  So everyone benefits.

We keep our costs as low as possible and usually give our time for free.  It matters to us that much that these fabulous, inspiring brands get to experience research.  What comes around goes around too – you never know which of those fledgling brands might be our biggest client in 5 years time!

We owe a big thanks to some amazing companies who we’ve worked with so far and if you think your company could benefit from a First Shave, just drop us a line!