Razor is busy being bloomin' amazing

Razor turns 9 in September 2016.  It’s been a stonking 9 years – we’ve worked with great people, introduced hoards of work experience and interns into the world of qual, we’ve had babies, we’ve spoken at conferences and we’ve won awards.  We’ve had parties (less said the better), raised funds for charities and basically worked hard and played harder.

Here’s a few highlights (forgive us for tooting our horn a little bit…if you can’t do it on your own website, where can you?)

After our second year we won the MRS Award for Best New Agency.  Ace.


In 2013 Chloë won an Annual MRS Conference prize for curating a Book Club session with some incredible fledgling speakers who’d never spoken at a Conference before.  Technically, they get all the credit but hey ho!


Then in 2013 we won the even more coveted (we think), MRS Award for Best Place to Work.  We were proud of our entry and delighted it ‘cut through’ the stiff competition.  We think we won it because of our commitment to team development and our desire to create researchers who really stand out not only to our clients, but also in the industry.


In 2015 we were on and off conference stages more often than you can say ‘oh, there they are again’.  Chloe and Kate spoke at the Food & Drink Innovation Network, James and Kate spoke at the Wonderful World of Field Conference, Lydia spoke with her client from Moonpig at the AURA Conference on Innovation.  And Yas, oh Yas, won the pretty incredible ‘Young Apprentice’ crown at AQR’s Conference with her rousing battle cry for more inclusivity in research (and what she is doing about it!)

Fundamentally, we get out there because we like to talk and we like to celebrate this fabulous industry we work in.  We have points of view and we like to share them.  We’re just waiting for that call from TED…