Premier League Re-brand

The Premier League introduced their newly rebranded logo this week, in an attempt to appeal to both fans and sponsors. The UK’s top football league was created in 1992, and due to it’s global fan base, managed to sell the 2015 TV rights for a record £5.136 billion – yes billion! After working with the London based Design Studio and Robin Brand Consultants, the stripped back, simplistic and modern logo has now been revealed. Barclay’s have been the lead sponsor of the league since 2001, which is a partnership due to end in 2017. The league will now have seven partnered sponsors with Nike and EA already involved.

The rebrand has prompted mixed reactions; with some annoyed there is no longer a reference to the sport in the new logo. But what was the key reason for change? The idea is that this new identity will feel less corporate, going back to grass roots, the communities and supporters who play and watch the sport.

The managing director of the Premier League, Richard Masters says, “Our current visual identity is very corporate, very blue and white like lots of other sports brands are”. The focus is looking to move away from the numbers and the money, towards the work off the pitch and the people that play on them. The more the brand can relate to the fans, the more appealing it will be to the sponsors, soon to be Nike and EA. The logo will launch officially at the start of the 2016/2017 season, and will hopefully benefit the English league’s global image, competing against the likes of Spanish and German leagues.