Razor works at WeWork

20161031_111542 We worked before but now we work at WeWork.

Excuse the tautology but as you might have guessed we’ve moved to a WeWork. For those not already familiar, they provide ‘co-working’ spaces with a boutique-industrial feel.

A self-described “physical social network”, WeWork prides itself on its community of ‘creators’. Want to test your product? Ask your neighbours. Want a recommendation for a designer? Put it out on the network. Fancy a beer? Help yourself – it’s literally on tap.

Now we’ve been here for a few months and are starting to look beyond the Silicon Valley hype, the handwriting and the excesses of Friday’s WeWork London’s Halloween party, we’re more aware that WeWork is essentially a property company – albeit the hippest one most businesses will ever interact with. Their core product is short-lease office space and it couldn’t be more suited to the ultra-flexible ‘sharing economy’ we’re moving towards. This, more than the community ethos and the  ‘do what you love’ brand, is the real reason for their $15 billion valuation.  Fair play to them.

And that’s also why WeWork is perfect for a research agency like us. While other areas of the economy find themselves flat-footed – ‘disrupted’, even – by this new landscape of uncertainty we in market research have always been enabled and constrained by flexibility.  

Suffice it to say, we’re quite at home at WeWork Waterhouse Square. So drop by and have a beer with us – did we mention it’s on tap?