What Razor LOVES: July 2019


We’re an eclectic bunch at team Razor.

Each month, we’ll share with the world a flavour of what’s caught our attention and influenced our thinking and conversations in the office.


Chloë B
Six the musical. I’ve had the soundtrack on repeat and have booked to see it at the theatre for a second time. For anyone that doesn’t know what Six is all about, it’s a sassy, poppy, girl power musical all about the six wives of Henry VIII. I recommend it to everyone!
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Chloë F
I’ve been loving a podcast by a poet called Tim Clare. He spends each episode reading out the first 250 words of someone’s writing and then totally rips it to shreds…which sounds brutal but he’s funny and well-intentioned. His advice is always spot on. Precision, precision, precision.
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I recently welcomed Adam Buxton back into my life. Not that I’d exiled him or anything; he just slipped off my radar since my Adam & Joe listening days on 6 Music. But I was thrilled to not only spot him in my podcast player but to also find an extensive back catalogue of conversations with his celeb pals. His interviews are so funny, warm and gentle that I find them a delight to listen to. People open up to him with ease – a dream scenario in the world of market research!
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Facebook Spaces caught my attention this month. Facebook bought VR company Oculus and developed a VR messenger service where friends can hang out together as animated characters in an AR environment. Another example of how a Black Mirror episode (Striking Vipers) has become reality.
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I’m nerding out about GDP as a measure of a country’s progress. I’m already a massive fan of the Reasons to be Cheerful podcast, but the episode discussing whether or not GDP was still (ever?!) the right measure of a country’s progress really piqued my interest. I know not everyone will agree with me, but I’m FASCINATED.
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A podcast I’m really enjoying is called How I Built This; a series of interviews with innovators and entrepreneurs to understand the stories behind the movements they built. I love learning about how an idea turns into a successful business, and being inspired by the eclectic mix of people responsible. (Check out episodes on Five Guys, TOMS, Airbnb and Bumble!)
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This year, I’ve challenged myself to learn more about different branches of philosophy. I came across the BBC podcast series, In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg, who gives great introductions to a broad range of different philosophical fields. An episode introducing the idea of logic really caught my attention this month with a wealth of implications for how we use reasoning and argument in our work here at Razor.
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I’ve been learning about ‘Nutritional Movement’, which is being led by Katy Bowman; a Biochemist in the USA with a real interest in movement and the importance of it for our health. The idea is that she’s not just saying we need to move more than we do (in our very sedentary lives!). She’s saying we need to increase the amount and the type of movement we do to give all of our muscles and joints the movement they need to stay healthy.
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