Poetry corner

Christmas is coming, and everyone’s preparing.
The countdown is ticking, the music is blaring.

For it’s a joyous occasion, with a gifting mantra.
Sort of like Thanksgiving, but we also get Santa.

For me it’s a test, one I cannot fail.
Who do I know best? This challenge I’ll prevail.

I’ll get what Mum wants, new lights for the porch.
But will ignore Dad’s wishes, he’s not getting a Porsche.

We’ve got a big turkey, and Yorkshires with gravy.
Must start cooking early, or the fam will go crazy.

There’ll be singing with carols, some people will shout.
And if there’s one thing to forget, it’s the Brussel sprouts.

We can hope for snow, and a sugar-coated cane.
But we live in Britain, so it’ll probably rain.

Time’s marching on, there’s a feeling of hurry.
Let’s forget our troubles, tis the season to not worry.  

We’ll be back in January, rested not wrecked.
A brand new year, with brand new projects.

From all of us at Razor, may your break be full of cheer.
We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year.